Jeremy Moore

Thoughts from a guy who loves business, software, and people.

The importance of fully understanding a software product

A year and a half ago I joined the development team on a software product that is very large, almost two decades old, and supported by more than a handful of different languages and frameworks that serves users in an industry that I know nothing about. Unfortunately for me there is little to no documentation for this product. Past efforts for re-writing were started and never completed leaving (more…)

Assembling a team knowledge base

After spending a few weeks with a team building and maintaining a software product I always find myself suggesting and contributing to an internal knowledge base. Thankfully, unless it’s a new project, the team does not have to start from scratch as there is typically at least a handful of random things that are documented. For example, after so many new developers have joined over the past 15+ years in conjunction with the technology and configuration growing in complexity it seemed like a good idea to (more…)

Embracing the agile software development principles

Over the past five years the term “agile” has been just uttered as much as “compile” or “microservice.” It was mostly used as a noun although it was intended as a verb. There has been a major uptick in the business developing software adhering to the manifesto. How can you not read it and get a warm and fuzzy feeling about the way we are delivering bitesized chunks of value to stakeholders? As facetious as that sounds (more…)

Continuously improving as a software developer

Developer, engineer, craftsman, or whatever; that is a topic for another conversation. I build software to the best of my abilities that best utilizes. There is significant ambiguity in this statement. However, for the sake of this conversationpost, the “type” of software is not important–web, mobile, etc. The process of building it (more…)

Strategy for migrating to a SPA

A recent trend I have adopted is the use of beefier front-end framework (namely Angular) in the Web applications I develop and maintain. Last year I did have the luxury of building out a new application entirely from scratch where a “migration” was not needed. But the current 15-year old (mas o menos) Web application I am developing (more…)

Growing with a software product

I never want to be compensated again for simply “writing code.”

I spend several hours a week learning more about programming languages, stacks, pipelines, patterns, anti-patterns, concepts, frameworks, and practices relating to building software. Knowing syntactical differences between a dozen object oriented languages (more…)

Mentoring my first software engineering intern

I recently had the honor of mentoring a software engineering intern, Ben, for my employer from the local university’s Computer Science program. At the first mention of the program earlier in the year I was eager to get involved as I absolutely love teaching and learning from others. After the nine week internship (more…)

Realized benefits of programming in grade school

I was fortunate enough to attend a vocational high school that offered Computer Science curriculum as a first-class citizen. Years 2002-2006 included general IT (A+) and networking (Cisco networking), C++, Java, Oracle SQL and some Web design training along with traditional math, English, etc. In addition, I spent my nights learning PHP and MySQL-based Web development. By the time I started college (more…)